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Strategic Strength

Two claim blocks with gold occurrences in banded iron formation and shear zones

Exploration rights over a total area of 81 km2

Deep crustal expression of orogenic gold system

Gold hosted in shear zones and banded iron formations

30 – 90 km from Schefferville

Ashuanipi, Quebec

The Ashuanipi Project is located 30 – 90 km northwest of Schefferville in Quebec. It is float-plane and helicopter accessible. The Project is located over a granulite terrane with mineralized shear zones and banded iron formations. The area has seen intermittent exploration in the past.

The two claim blocks held by Flow Metals are the result of a 330,000 Km2 AI targeting project by Windfall Geotek over Quebec. The claim blocks were staked and covered by a high resolution airborne magnetic survey, as well as prospected. The new data was re-analyzed by Windfalls proprietary AI CARDS methodology and yielded high-resolution AI gold targets.

Some of the AI targets are confirmed by gold occurrences at the surface. The best two targets are shear zones of considerable strike length and will be subject to high-resolution ground geophysics and shallow drilling. Similar to our Sixtymile Project in Yukon, which is an orogenic gold system but at a much shallower crustal level.

AI targets under cover will be subject to sampling for gold grain in till analysis. The North American ice sheet was relatively stable around Schefferville during the last ice age and hence tills are effective at targeting. The gold grain in till analysis is a viable and cost-effective method to verify the buried AI targets.

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